Replacing the Saab 9000 Air Filter


The air filter traps dust particles to ensure a clean supply of air to the engine for use in the combustion process. These particles eventually start to clog the filter so it is designed to be discarded and renewed at regular intervals. This procedure shows how to renew the air filter on later Saab 9000s with a cylindrical filter. Earlier cars (up to around 1987) used a flat panel filter, located in roughly the same position in the vehicle.

Time required

Allow around 30 minutes for the first time. It should take less time with experience.

Tools required

  • Straight-edge screwdriver or 7mm socket


  1. Locate the air-box cover by the left-hand wing (as seen from the driver's seat), forward of the engine. Unclip the three securing clips (note that one clip is underneath).

  2. For turbocharged models only, using a straight screwdriver or 7mm socket, loosen the clip securing the bypass valve to the inlet pipe. Disconnect the bypass valve from the inlet pipe to increase clearance.

  3. Remove the air-box cover and push to one side.

  4. Wriggle the air filter free and remove it.

  5. Insert the new air filter into the airbox, closed end first. Wriggle it until it seats squarely.
  6. Refit the cover and secure the three clips.
  7. On turbocharged models, refit the bypass valve and tighten the hose clamp.