Tightening the Saab 9000 steering column adjuster


The Saab 9000 steering column incorporates length adjustment by means of a lever under the steering column. Over time, the grip that the lever imparts to the steering column loosens, the result being eventually that the steering column will retract under pressure such as that experienced during hard braking. While checking the operation of one of my steering column switches, I took the opportunity to tighten the adjuster.

Time required

Once you've fetched the tools, expect to spend 5-10 minutes.

Tools required

  • 13mm
  • 13mm


  1. Remove the steering column cowling as described here.

  2. Move the adjuster handle to the "unlocked" position.

  3. Locate the 13mm nut and bolt on the locking mechanism as shown below.

  4. Fit a 13mm socket over the bolt. It is shrouded so a spanner will not fit. There is not much room, but access may be improved by removing the upper connector from the indicator switch.

  5. Holding the nut with a 13mm spanner, tighten the bolt to take up most of the slack.

  6. Ensure that the column slides freely when unlocked, and that it may be locked without undue effort. If not, slacken the bolt slightly and try again.

  7. Refit the steering column cowling.