Replacing the standard Transmission Mount with
Abbott's Poly mount on Saab 9000's up to 1993 Model Year

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Created June 2001 by Jeff Malin

Symptoms of a bad mount may include excessive movement of the engine and shifter while getting on and off the throttle, and difficulty changing gears while accellerating or braking. Since these are the same symptoms as for the other mounts, check and change them before changing your transmission mount, as they are more prone to going bad. Changing the tranny mount to poly has been said to improve the shift quality of the 9000. This job took me about 6 hours, of which at least 4 were spent trying to get the old mount out. With the proper tools (press or a sawzall to remove the old mount), this job could be done in less than 2 hours. Other than getting out the old mount, this is a very easy procedure.
The Abbott mount was purchased from the helpfull folks at Scanwest Autosport

1. Jack up the car, support it firmly on jackstands


2. Remove the driver's (left) side wheel

3. Remove the driver's (left) side wheel liner

4. For better access to the mount, remove the metal pipe between the intercooler and the intake by loosening the hose clamps on both ends and the center where the hooter valve attaches, and disconnecting the intake air temp sensor cable.

5. Support the transmission underneath with a jack and slowly lift it up until the old transmission mount is perfectly centered with the bolt in the middle of the mount.

6. Unbolt the old transmission mount, you will get the bolt, the nut on the other side, and the 2 metal plates which fit on each side of the mount. If needed, coat the bolt liberally with Liquid Wrench and let sit a while.

7. Jack the transmission up further until the mount is completely clear of the attachment bracket.

8. Now you must remove the old mount. It is a rubber mount inside a metal sleeve, which is pressed into place. It can be very difficult to remove. If you feel you can tackle it in-car, give it a shot, otherwise:

9. Unbolt the transmission bell housing by removing the bolts and the ground wire and sensor wires. A small amount of oil may leak out. Remove the housing with the mount attached, and use whatever method you can to remove the mount, carefull not to damage any part of the housing.

10. Replace the housing on the end of the tranny and torque well (I don't have specific figures).

11. Grease the Abbott mounts on the inside and outside and slide each half into place. Then put the metal sleeve through the two parts.

12. Lower the transmission with the jack until the new mount's center lines up perfectly with the center of the mounting bracket.

13. Replace the metal plates on each side of the bracket and re-bolt the mount in place, torquing securely (again, no figures that I have).

14. Lower the tranny all the way, re-install the wheel liner, re-attach the wheel, and lower the car.

15. Test drive!

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