Installing a new Gear Knob

by Mark Green

Have you ever wanted to change your gear knob but never known how? This is how I did mine and it's a great deal simpler than the method desribed in the instructions and by dealers.

Note: This only applies to manual leather gear knobs.

The instructions that came with my gear knob said that the easiest way to get it off was to take a hacksaw to it. Not wanting to start sawing at my car and get plastic sawdust everywhere (which I knew would static itself to everything), I investigated my own method.

I reckon this is far easier, faster and required little or no effort - Hooray!

Sharp Penknife
Flat-head screw driver with the blade no more than 75mm wide.

15 mins.


Below is a step by step account of my procedure.

Step 1
I Started by flicking off the top disk that has the gear positions on with the point of the pen knife.

Step 2
Next, remove the metal disk underneath that holds it in. Again, the point of the pen knife was useful as you can flick it out from the small hole in the centre. This will expose the white plastic part






Step 3
Peel back the leather from the outside, there is a rubber surround that makes up the bulk of the shape for the gear knob. You may have to cut this, but my leather was so old and weak it just tore off.







Step 4

Remove the rubber surround. This peels away easily.





Step 5
Through the holes in the top you will see the clips holding the old gear knob onto the gear stick. These are the clips you will be lifting with the screwdriver in step 6.

Release the Gaiter from its fixings below. This is only clipped in and will clip back easily once finished. The Plastic Sheath (lift the gaiter to see this) should pull upwards away from the metal stick.







Step 6
After you have removed the plastic sheath from the stick, you will be able to see up inside to the plastic clips you noted in step 5.

Insert the screwdriver and lift up the tabs, repeat as necessary. Be Careful!! There is a spring under compression inside, so hold onto both parts while unclipping them..






Step 7
Unless already done, remove the plastic ring.







Step 8
Place the plastic sheath over the stick again, ensuring the reversing arrows are in the correct position. Do not fully press it on yet.






Step 9
Check that the reversing guard system is in above the correct position. You won't be able to push it down to the required position until you fit the new gear knob.






Step 10
When you fit the new gear knob, it will click in place.

However, you can use some glue to set it in place if you want but, it will make it near impossible to remove next time if you do. I haven't and there are no problems.







Step 11
Push down on the top of the gearknob (might need a bit of fist numbing battering so be careful) until the reverse guard from Step 9 is in place, as shown in the photo.

Re-fit the gaiter round the clips and you have finished!