Replacing the bulbs in the Saab 9000 ACC panel


On Saab 9000 models fitted with Automatic Climate Control (ACC), the control panel is illuminated by small bulbs, fitted internally. Eventually, these bulbs can fail, resulting in sections of the panel not being illuminated with the rest of the instrument panel. The bulbs are replaceable by removing and opening the ACC panel.

Saab supply a replacement bulb complete with holder (part number 96 25 575) at a substantial price. As of January 2013, Saab's list price for this part is approximately £12 ($19 US) in the UK. The ACC panel may contain up to four bulbs!

The same part is also used on the Saab 900 (1994-1998) in both the ACC panel and the manual heater control panel, each containing three of these bulbs.

This procedure shows how to replace the bulb while retaining the original holder, providing a much more cost-effective repair.
These bulbs are available here.

Time required

Around 15 minutes.

Tools required

  • Cross-head screwdriver.


  1. Remove the ACC panel from the dashboard. The panel is a light push-fit and a good way to remove it is to remove one of the switches next to it and push it out from behind.

  2. Disconnect the wiring harness by pressing the latch on the end of the connector to release it and swinging the connector away from the unit by 90 degrees so the other end can be unhooked. On earlier models, there is a second, smaller connector. Pull this to disconnect it.

  3. On earlier units with a metal case, remove the three screws on each side.


    On later models with plastic case, remove the three screws top and bottom.

  4. Remove the bulbs by twisting the grey plastic holders anti-clockwise. On earlier models, there are four bulbs.


    On later models there are only three bulbs.


  5. If using the original Saab part, simply discard the old bulbs and  fit the new bulbs/holders (see below). Otherwise, fit the new bulbs to the holders as described below.

  6. Unravel the two wires from the bulb-holder.

    accbulb4.jpg accbulb5.jpg 

  7. Carefully remove the bulb from the holder. It may be quite tight.

  8. Fit the new bulb and wrap the wires in the same way as the original bulb.

  9. Refit the bulb-holders and lock in place by turning clockwise.

  10. Reassemble the ACC panel.

  11. Reconnect the wiring harness and press the panel into place.