Replacing the fuel filter on the Saab 9000


The Saab 9000 fuel system incorporates a fuel filter that should be replaced every 96,000 miles (150,000km). This article describes the procedure for replacing this filter. On early 9000s, the fuel filter was located in the engine compartment. The general procedure still applies, although different tools may be necessary.

N.B. Ensure that you take sensible precautions when working on the fuel system.

Time required

10-15 minutes.

Tools required

  • 17mm spanner.
  • 19mm spanner.
  • 8mm socket.


  1. De-pressurise the fuel system as described here.

  2. On earlier cars, locate the fuel filter in the engine compartment, to the rear of the battery. Note that the rest of the procedure is based on experience with later models.

    On later cars, locate the fuel filter under the car, just forward of the right-hand rear wheel (a plastic cover may be fitted).

  3. Pull off the plastic cover, if fitted.

  4. Place a wide container under the filter to catch fuel spillage.

  5. Using a 17mm spanner, slowly loosen the front union bolt. When fuel starts to drain from the union, wait until it stops, then unscrew the bolt completely.

  6. Repeat with the rear union bolt, using a 19mm spanner.

  7. Note the direction of the arrow (rear to front), then remove the retaining bolt using an 8mm socket and remove the flter, being careful not to tilt it and spill fuel from it.

  8. Offer up the new filter with the arrow in the correct direction and start the two union bolts in the threads.

  9. Refit the retaining strap and retaining bolt.

  10. Tighten the two union bolts securely.

  11. Start the engine and check the connections for leaks.

  12. Bear in mind that, even when drained, the old filter will still contain fuel. Dispose of it accordingly.