Saab 9000 jacking and axle-stand points

Although most 9000 owners can find the points for the wheel-change jack, especially if they have the original owner's handbook, it is not so obvious where to place a hydraulic jack and once jacked up, where to place axle stands. The following information is gleaned both from the Haynes Saab 9000 workshop manual and from my own experience.

The front and rear jacking points are reinforced areas on their respective subframes. There is a locating lug on the front jacking point that provides a positive location for a hydraulic jack. However, on my car (1996 Aero) there is a similar-looking lug on the plastic cover just in front of the jacking point. Don't make an expensive mistake! If you look far enough under the car, the real jacking point is quite obvious. If you're in doubt, the real lug is made of metal.
The rear jacking point is under the rear towing eye. N.B. Never place a jack or axle stands under the rear axle. It is not designed to take the weight of the car, and will not do so without bending.

On the 9000 Aero, there is only a 5 or 6 inch clearance between the spoiler and the ground. My jack is 5 inches high when fully retracted, and I have trouble getting the jack under the front if the ground is not perfectly level. The Aero is the lowest of all 9000s as standard. You might have problems if you've lowered your suspension, though.
Here is how well (!) my jack fits under the front of my Aero:

If jacking up only one side at the front, the jack may be placed at one of the inner axle stand points on the subframe, towards the rear of the subframe. These points are circular and designed to accommodate a trolley-jack. On the rear, I usually place the jack under the end of the trailing arm that joins to the subframe.


Axle stands

Many 9000 owners will recognise four of the axle stand points as the jacking points for the wheel-change jack. Be careful to place the stands so that the weight is not resting on the tabs that the jack slides into, as these may distort and make it difficult to insert the wheel-change jack later. Place the stands a little further inboard. For the same reason, do not place a hydraulic jack under these points: some rainy night in the middle of nowhere, you'll be glad you didn't.

The other two axle stand points are under the front subframe, inboard of the wheel-change jacking points.