Replacing the Saab 9000 front brake discs


This procedure assumes you have already removed the front brake caliper as detailed here.

Saab 9000 brake discs are available here

Time required

As long as you don't find some screws that are hard to shift or need to be drilled out, this part of the procedure can be expected to take between 5 and 10 minutes.

As usual, double this for the first side if you haven't done it before. Of course, I was making notes and taking photographs as well.

Tools required

These are for replacing the discs only. For tools required to replace the pads, see here. I assume some basic tools, such as a jack, axle stands, socket set, etc. However I do not assume you will already have all the necessary metric socket and spanner sizes, especially if you are in the USA. Here is a list so you can make sure you have all the necessary sizes before you start.

  • T40 Torx® bit.
  • Deep 10mm socket
  • 19mm socket
  • Thread-lock compound


  1. If the brake discs are new, remove the protective layer of grease using a suitable solvent. I scrubbed them with detergent - they are ready when the water forms a film on the disc rather than droplets. I imagine or another de-greasant would do just as well.
    If not removed, this layer of grease will seriously impair braking.
    N.B. A notable exception is the ATE PowerDiscs I fitted recently to the front. These come with explicit instructions not to clean off the coating, which in this case is not grease, but a dry anti-corrosion finish. I think the rule of thumb is: if it feels greasy, remove it, otherwise look for instructions in the box.

  2. Remove the front caliper as detailed here.

  3. Remove the two 19mm bolts securing the caliper carrier and remove the carrier.

  4. Remove the two screws retaining the brake disc using the deep 10mm socket and the T40 Torx® bit. On both sides of my car, the Torx® screws had siezed so much they couldn't be removed. I drilled the heads off to release the disc but couldn't get them out. I had replacements from my Saab dealer, but since they said they told me they wouldn't have bothered to replace them, I didn't either. I reckoned that one screw was good enough, since their only purpose is to stop the disc from falling off when the wheel is removed. In normal braking operation, it is the wheel bolts that hold the brake discs in position.

  5. Smear the retaining screws with copper grease to help stop the above-mentioned problem happening in future, then fit the new disc and secure with the retaining screws.

  6. Refit the caliper carrier, using thread-lock compound on the 19mm bolts and torquing them to 90Nm (66lbft).

  7. Refit the caliper, as detailed here.