Saab 9000 VIN decoder

Info and utilities

This utility is also available at for access by wap-enabled mobile phone.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the Saab 9000 not only identifies the vehicle uniquely, but also carries useful information about the specification of the car. This may be useful, for example, when buying a car. Type in the VIN of the car in the field below to extract the model year, body style, engine and transmission and equipment specifications of the car.

The information that this utility is based on is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have no connection with Saab and I pulled together the information for this utility from many on-line resources, backed up by my 1996 9000 handbook. While I believe it is fairly complete, and it has now been in operation for quite some time, there may yet be something missing.

If the VIN for a known vehicle decodes to a specification that looks wrong, please let me know and I'll investigate it. I don't presume to have got it right first time. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing from people who have run 1991-1994 VINs through it. Anyone who knows about the model series digit on these particular years is most welcome to contact me.

Note that special variants of the 9000, such as Carlsson, Talladega, CS Turbo S, etc., are not encoded in the VIN. These will appear as the model they were based on (e.g. a CS Carlsson will likely appear as a CS). One exception is the Aero designation, which is encoded in the VIN from 1995 onwards.

Note also that this utility currently only handles Saab 9000 VINs. I may extend it in the future to cover other Saab VINs.